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connection problem with my cable modem

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  • connection problem with my cable modem

    Hi to you all

    I just got a new cable modem from HOT after complaining on pore INTERNET connection , when I connect it to the LAN card the connection is pore and eventually I lose connection , but when I connect with the USB I have fine connection . I tried it on two different computers that had the same problem , when I connected them with switch the network was just fine .
    also when I connect my router to the modem the router doesn't get IP from the modem .

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    Re: connection problem with my cable modem

    Have you updated all drivers/firmware?


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      Re: connection problem with my cable modem

      I have updated drivers , the thing that i have noticed that if I connect my router to the modem it works fine for 1-3 hours and than not only do I lose connection with the INTERNET I also lose connection to the router it self .I have tried also working with Linux live CD and the result are the same bad connection with LAN card--->modem and good connection USB--->modem .
      if the modem is not connected to the router (3Com) than the communication between station's works perfectly .


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        Re: connection problem with my cable modem

        Cable Modem Troubleshooting Tips =

        Try start/connect to/show all connections/right click on the connection that you are using/repair, and check for spyware/malware

        Flush your dns .=. start/run/ cmd/ ipconfig /flushdns/ok(enter)
        Are you using a software firewall and/or router?

        Unplug modem/router and turn off computer, then plug everything back in. Also check to make sure your network card is correctly installed.= Windows XP = r/click "my computer"/click the "hardware" tab/click "device manager"/
        expand "network adapters" and see if there is anything listed, and if it is listed, see if it has an "X" or exclamation mark?

        Clear/clean your cache and go to your local settings folder and empty your "temp" folder.

        Broadband Reports = The 'bible' for Information on DSL, Cable and Other High Speed Internet Services = + connection tools + = TCP Optimizer = Speed up internet = to test your connection = Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning Guide

        Tautology Bandwidth Meter =
        net meter = = Download this software trial and run it. Look at the bottom window to see if anything is going out without your permission.


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          Re: connection problem with my cable modem

          If the modem is having issues over the ethernet connection to multiple DIRECTLY CONNECTED computers, but not with USB, replace the modem.
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            Re: connection problem with my cable modem

            I think, ur cable modem is broken..
            mabey u'll try to connect another modem to ur computer.
            go to the HOT Company or Call them, and say to them what is ur prolbem.
            also u can go to switch ur modem.
            good luck.


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              Re: connection problem with my cable modem

              Whenever I have issues with my cable modem, I get a replacement from my broadband provider. I've gone through a few.
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