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Can't get past router.

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  • Can't get past router.

    Hi, I have an Alcatel 510i dsl/modem/router. I am having difficulties setting up a configuration to receive the outside IP to my server.

    For instance my mailserver only sees the local network, so it allows me to send and receive mail only within network. Same problem for the nameserver. They can't reach my hostname outside the network.

    How do I solve this? All other services (http,ftp etc...) are working fine. Currently I have these problems on a Win2003 server, I had them in the past with Linux SUSE and RedHat servers. Never could solve the problem.
    I am sick of it and thought I would ask someone.


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    What you defined as a DNS server at your machines?
    Can you ping any external site using name? For example:
    Memento Mori