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    Here is my story, maybe somebody can please help?

    1) All computers listed are running WinXP Pro.
    2) They are all in the same workgroup named KEREN.
    3) All computers are set to obtain Dynamic IP's.

    I have a Samsung E300 modem logging in with PPPoA. The ethernet cable from the modem goes into a Netgear 614 4-port router that obviously does not log in with PPPOE but rather acts as a hub. The Netgear 614 has Computer 1, Computer 2, and a VoIP ATA plugged into it. Computer 2 has two network cards installed. LAN 1 of Computer 2 goes to the Netgear 614, and LAN 2 of Computer 2 goes into an 8 port switch which has 6 computers connected. We will refer to these computers as Computers 3-8. My objective is to allow all KEREN computers the ability to access the internet and still have the ability to interact within the workgroup KEREN. My problem is that whenever LAN 1 of Computer 2 is connected, I am not able to properly communicate between the KEREN workgroup. The error message I receive is that permission is not allowed. When LAN 1 of Computer 2 is not connected all KEREN computers can communicate properly. Could somebody suggest a configuration that will remedy my trouble and allow for both KEREN and internet to work at the same time?

    Thank you in advance for your time!