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Networking Problem sharing Files on Eudora E-mail

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  • Networking Problem sharing Files on Eudora E-mail

    I have a LAN which networks files between my desktop and my laptop.

    Both machines have XP Pro SP2 installed and are networked using a DSL broadband modem and a wireless router.

    I have Eudora installed on both and the path is identical on both machines i.e. the e-mail data is found in the path :-

    c:\docs & settings\own name\Application Data\Quallcom\Eudora.

    I usually access my daily e-mails on the desktop machine thus d/l these files onto the Eudora Folder on the desktop machine.

    In order to subsequently read these files on the laptop , I have enabled Sharing on the Eudora Folder on the Desktop. I then bring up this Eudora Folder on the laptop by entering in Network Places the path :-

    My Network Places>Entire Network>MS Windows Network>Workgroup>Dtop ,

    thus displaying the Desktop's Eudora Folder with all the recently downloaded e-mails.

    However , when I click on these files I now get the message :-

    "Could not open the file \\Dtop\Eudora\In.mbx for reading.
    Cause: Access permission denied, File may be marked as read only or locked(13)"

    I then checked the Properties of the Eudora Folder on the Dtop and found it marked "read only" . I now unticked this "read only" box but on again trying to read the e-mails on the networked laptop , I again got the same error message.

    On checking this Folder once more on the Dtop , I found that it had once more returned to the checked "read only" state.

    Can you explain why I am unable to read these networked e-mails in this set-up?

    All other files so arranged are able to be seen across this LAN and , when clicked , are able to be opened and read where appropriate.