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How to change Irq

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  • How to change Irq

    I've read the instrutions on how to increase the speed of the modem
    but when i wanted to type the Irq of the net card, I understood that
    the built in sound card is using the same Irq and the extra net card in my
    computer. My quistion is is it posibble to change the Irq of the net card
    because after i followed the instructions it didnt increase the speed so
    I guess it didnt work

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    What kind of OS you have?
    You can change the IRQ depending if there are free ones in the computer.
    Please point me to the articles about the speed increase.
    Memento Mori


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      sorry man that i couldnt reply because i just wasnt home
      so here is the address:

      I simply followed the instructions and then i wrote the quistion before...