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VPN Slowness Issue Driving Me Crazy

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  • VPN Slowness Issue Driving Me Crazy

    I am looking for help from all that may have some experience connecting VPN over the net to Cisco Concentrator 3005. I have tested several people that have xTreme DSL and when the are on the VPN connect the upstream and downstream times are considerably different than when not on VPN.

    I have check various settings on the concentrator and vpn settings and can't find a difference. I also had those uses connect us to a separate location over vpn and they had about the same results.

    Is there anything I can do to increase that speed while connected to vpn. This happens even when there isn't anybody online. Also we tried several workstation settings with MTU, etc.

    Please advise.

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    Re: VPN Slowness Issue Driving Me Crazy

    hope this helps.;en-us;283165

    i think i good bit of the problem lies with the PPPoE connections and the NAT devices being used on the DSL connections. when i trouble shoot this issue with my users, disabling the NAT and connecting str8 out works much better... and then add on whatever flavor of firewall and AV, and its nearly impossible to troubleshoot sometimes with all the add-ons. if the client routing device supports passthru, enable them for the protocol type you require, PPTP/L2TP blah, blah..

    good luck.
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