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Alcatel ADSL Modem Problem - IP Routing

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  • Alcatel ADSL Modem Problem - IP Routing

    G'Day All,

    This is my first post on this forum, and i really hope you guys can help me out. I have tried so many othe forums, but lets see how we can here.

    Ok, my problem as as follows. I have a Alcatel Speedtouch 530 ADSL Modem. Its connected to a Belkin Wireless Router. On my computer, i am running a Web Server, E-mail Server, database server, and a no-ip DUC client, which translates my external IP Address into a domain name. The problem i am having is as follows: When i try to connect to my website via its resolved domain name, instead of viewing my website, i am viewing my modem's administration screen. Now, i have looked at this very very closely, and actually got a technician from Alcatel to have a look at it, and we believe the problem is in the IP Routing table, but we are not sure how to fix this problem. What it seems is happeneing is the packet is getting through the router ok, as i have allowed access to the Web Server on Port 80, but when it gets to the ADSL Modem, it is getting stuck, and therefore is showing the modem's admin screen instead of my website. Is there any way this can be fixed?

    I have provided screenshots to the problem at the following URL: My username is mjjk91, and my password is qwasz1:


    Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated.

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    open port to yor internal ip of the web site
    my ftp works fine waen i open the port
    in alcatel home/pro


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      Re: Alcatel ADSL Modem Problem - IP Routing

      You need to do a port forwarding on Alcatel modem the local IP address as follows.Please refer the picture
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