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  • Alcatel Speed Touch Home DSL

    Dear Frnd

    I am unable to configure the Ftp Server ( Titon Ftp Server V 5.26 ), i am running alcatel speed touch home dsl, my ftp is configure but i m unable to configure port on that dsl modem.

    so please help me regarding this , how i can do this. i already map the real ip on IP ADDRESS TABLE AND IP ROUTE TABLE but i am unable to do this ,

    and how to do this please help me

    thanks n regards

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    Re: Alcatel Speed Touch Home DSL

    First, the default font works best for most of us. Large fonts get to be a bit annoying.

    Second, we really need more info to help:

    Is this Alcatel just a DSL Modem or is it a model w/ a built-in router. If it has a router, I have found you usually need to NAT both TCP ports 20 and 21 to the machine w/ the FTP Server.

    Are you running Windows XP (and thus the third party FTP server -- Titan vs. Titon)?

    If so, have you added that FTP server EXE as an exception in the Windows Firewall OR whatever software firewall solution you may have OR is there no firewall in your topology? Just adding TCP ports 20 and 21 in the Windows Firewall exceptions list is probably not enough as FTP in PASV mode opens random ports above 1023.

    To give you an example of this if you were using the W2K3 FTP Server: Since it is built into IIS, you either have to give inetinfo.exe an exception or control the ports the FTP server can use in PASV mode and add exceptions for those ports. Here's an article on MS W2K3 FTP Server that explains how to limit ports and add them to the Windows Firewall exception list:


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      Re: Alcatel Speed Touch Home DSL

      The SpeedTouch Home was just a DSL modem. No router, no firewall etc, just NAT.

      You can try to upgrade a Home version to the Pro.

      However many of the Home models will not upgrade and there is the possibility you can completely stuff your modem. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

      Another option is to purchase a modern modem/router. I purchased a Web Excel ADSL2+ Modem/Router with 4 port switch for AUD$60. Haven't had a play with it yet so I am unable to say if it it easy to configure or not.

      However, I have installed a Thompson 536i and I would suggest anyone considering purchasing one to seriously reconsider. These devices become very hot, alarmingly hot. Advised the client to NEVER leave the room with the device turned on. (It was supplied by their ISP).
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