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Web connection is blocked when ST pro is in Router Mode

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  • Web connection is blocked when ST pro is in Router Mode

    I've been using my ST pro (coverted) as a router for about a year. changing it back the the PPTP dial-up and then back to PPP (always-on)

    today as I changed the settings back to PPP con. (always-on) my computer wont connect. everything looks pretty good when accessing my modem via the web. I can even ping through my modem.

    I get timed out when trying to ping from my computer (or other computers on the network), I can switch back to the PPTP dial up.

    any respond whould be very much appreciate via this forum/ICQ.

    BTW, tried reset to defaults via the reset button and "ping to life" but nothing happend. The only reset that acctualy work is the factury defaults button on the web interface.

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    I thought I wont get any help anywhere ... well incase anyone wants to know how I was able to solve my stupid problem ... it was pretty simple.

    after hours of reading alcatel's PDF files .... I ran across the "load defaults"
    command. I just ran that command on the "nat" "ip" "ppp" (etc.) section. and my alcatel can remain "always-on" once again !

    I believe the problem was something with the nat configuration on the alcatel.


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      Thank you for posting the solution, and well done on figuring it out yourself!!
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