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Israeli User: How to use PPPoA with Alcatel 510v4

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  • Israeli User: How to use PPPoA with Alcatel 510v4

    Hi All.
    I just bought a new Alcatel 510v4 and it's configured to a bridged connection. I'm trying to get it to work with PPP (PPPoA) - there's a user_ppp.ini on the disc that comes with BezeqINT package, but it doesn't seem to work. I get Connected-Down state all the time.

    If anybody can help, I'll appreciate it.

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    I know, I know...
    Replying to my own question seems wierd, but this could help a lot of people with their new SpeedTouch 510(i)v4 in Israel (this modem is distributed via Israeli Telecomm monopoly Bezeq as a bridged connection, so no one could use it in PPP mode...).

    Anyhow. I finally made it work. To tell the truth, I have no Idea how. The CD supplied with the modem has a user_bridged.ini and user_ppp.ini copied on it, so naturally that's where I started. But I always got a conncted linkdown status.

    I tried modifying the .ini a bit and got the result of the file attached, which worked for me (after a manual restart of the modem - you know... On-Off).

    Please notice that you need to insert a your username and password from you ISP in order for it to work. Also, it's recommended to password-protect your modem. caution: I have only tried this with BezeqINT as ISP. I don't know if there's any need to change anything in order for it to work with other ISPs (I guess static routing, but that could also be done automatically).

    In order to upload the file to your modem accsess it's web interface (via enter advanced in the left menu, setup, browse for the file, and hit upload. Then enter your username and password, and press connect. If it works, great, if not, turn the modem off and on again and try connecting again. If it doesn't work... That's all I can do.

    I will very much appreciate if people from other ISP's in Israel tell me if this worked for them.


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      forgot the file...
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