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  • Surveillence Network

    Hi guys,

    Can anybody advice me on this matter. We already had existing LAN for all office system. Right now we plan to create new LAN system for Surveillance Network System. Picture above describe how we want to configure the system.

    For external remote viewing we using Internet on Surveillance Network for view, this network connect to existing network system for internet remote viewing. Can this configuration work? or any better solution? I also need advice on what is best switch & modem or other third party software or hardware need to used? TQ
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    Re: Surveillence Network

    Your picture is confusing.

    2 DVRs are on 10.200.111.x, 2 are on 10.200.100.x.

    Do you have a ROUTER in your current network?
    If so, can it be configured for multiple VLANs?
    What gives out DHCP on your network?
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      Re: Surveillence Network

      Sorry for the mistake. I already fix the picture. Can this 2 different network link together? Control station is on the existing network. What about bandwidth issue?