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How To Control WiFi Network???

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  • How To Control WiFi Network???

    hi guy,

    how to pretend outside people hack into my wifi network. i notice this recently unknown ip appear from my network scanner software. can somebody teach/ tell me how to kick outside people when there enter my network?

    I'm using WEP password, change every week but there still can scan password using hack tools (sorry bad English)
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    Re: How To Control WiFi Network???

    Did you even attempt to use and search??

    There are loads of guides out there on how to do this:

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      Re: How To Control WiFi Network???

      Oh, and use WPA or WPA2. I use these with a pre-shared key and they are vastly more secure than WEP. To make it even more secure, use an auto-generated key which changes every 60 minutes...

      Fastest and most secure encryption is AES, slower is TKIP. Again, both are FAR better encryption than WEP and are extremely unlikely to be cracked by an outsider.

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        Re: How To Control WiFi Network???

        You can also restrict access to certain MAC addresses only. I know this can be spoofed, but between encryption and MAC filtering, you will keep out all but the most determined hacker.

        If you are using Microsoft RRAS, you can apply remote access policies to your WiFi as well (note, I have never tried this, but MS say it is so)

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          Re: How To Control WiFi Network???

          Yes, WPA/WPA2 with a strong pre-shared key is the trick. MAC address filtering is an advised extra layer.

          Also strong internal network security is often overlooked on home and small office networks. E.g. Don't allow anomymous enumeration of shares etc., don't allow 'Everyone' to browse the network. Use NTLMv2 where possible, and the obvious one... use strong passwords on all accounts.

          If you think someone is already on your network, change your WPA/WEP pre-shared key, ensure your MAC address filtering is accurate and enabled, and re-boot the router/access point or whatever you are using.
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