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  • ATT Static IP Services

    Hey All,

    We are expecting ATT/SBC to configure the static IP address (already installed a Netopia Modem for us and we have bought a D-Link Modem). they said that the Modem is set to DHCP so theoretically, today after 4 pm (pacific time), if we connect one single PC, then we would have Internet Connectivity.

    Now, because we have 5 more PCs (Windows XP Pro and a server also WinXP Pro, just simple workgroup environment), we need to configure the D-Link Router.

    My question:

    In order for the Netopia to communicate with D-Link, we would have to put the PUBLIC static IP address somewhere in the D-Link, right?

    Then we set the range for the PRIVATE IP (192.168.1.x) and assign each PC accordingly, correct? (obviously the D-Link's DHCP is set to OFF)

    This is what they sent me:

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    Re: ATT Static IP Services

    Link doesn't work for me at the moment, sorry.

    Your provider should give you a gateway IP and mask along with the *useable*IP's.

    From here, it depends on your set-up how you decide to use them.


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      Re: ATT Static IP Services

      Thanks for your help, sorry I guess it was a bad link, here is a good link to the same question that I asked in another forum:,17617568

      Because there are TWO modems in the equation now (Netopia and D-Link DI-804HV), I guess I have to disable NAT and DHCP on the D-Link, the part that I need help is determining PPPoE authentication (via Netopia), being static or dynamic.

      Thanks again.


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        Re: ATT Static IP Services


        "BellSouth does not provide a Static WAN address with Multi Static IP, only Dynamic. Simply put, when a customer connects to BellSouth they will get a Dynamic WAN address. In order to use their Static IP addresses they will need to configure their equipment. BellSouth offers Static IP addresses in blocks of: 1,8,16,32 and 64".

        I would ask the provider to clarify this and provide more information. I understand they are offering a non - NAT account. Unusual that they offer what appears a business line but the gateway is dynamic unless you use the non-NAT config.

        In the UK, it appears DSL offer more scope for business compared to cable which is fine for a home account.

        Please post back with their advice - I would like to know.