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SpeedTouch Home (PRO upg) - cann't access LAN from outside

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  • SpeedTouch Home (PRO upg) - cann't access LAN from outside

    I have upgraded my SpeedTouch Home to PRO a year ago, works fine with two home computers connected through HUB. Now I have bought two IP phones (Budgetone BT-102) and would like to phone with my brother (connected through another ADSL provider). My IP phone is connected with fixed IP= to the HUB. I can ping brothers public ADSL modem address but he is unable to ping my SpeedTouch Home public address. I was calling my ISP support and they were wondering I am fine (connected to the Internet with my upg SpeedTouch Home to PRO) as they cannot ping my public address too (I was told it looks for them like my connection is down... which is not true). I do not use firewall on my PC with Windows XP. Any idea what to check?

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    The "firewall" on the router is probably stopping you being seen on the Net. You will need to find out what ports you need to open to allow the phone to receive calls.
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      Thanks for reply. I have fixed the problem already by setting NAT defserver to IP address of the IP phone. Now I can call other party (and vice versa) over public Internet but unable to speak. Checking if I should enable "NAT Traversal" in the IP phone. Read somewhere that signaling goes through port 5060, RTP over 5004 which could be a problem (not talking now). Any suggestion welcomed.