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Public IP's and domain association

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  • Public IP's and domain association

    I have often wondered why sometimes an IP will be displayed on it's own and sometimes with a host name attached when viewing something like shields up or

    Does it depend on your ISP and the type of package you have with them, ie a block of addresses?

    In the case of a business, the IP is sometimes followed by the domain the company is registered with on the net. Is this for the purpose of exchange? If so, how much e-mail (or size of business) would you need for Exchange to have it's own IP that is seperate from the web surfing one?

    Thanks for reading


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    Re: Public IP's and domain association

    Its a security mechanism to determine the identity of an IP address.
    For example. Client is the unknown IP address and server is doing the lookups.

    Client connects to server. Server reverse quires DNS. DNS responds this is the name of that IP. server compares that information with info provided by client (or a black list) If they match then OK (or not). If not close connection.

    I am simplifying things, but thats the gist of it.

    As far as getting your own IP with your name it really depends on my much you want to spend on Internet access, and yes the type of package. In my experience T1's have the business name in the host name and DSL just the ISP's name, but that is not a rule, and depends on the ISP and if you are doing email. This has nothing to do with email routing.
    There is no "web surfing" vs. "email" IP's
    If you know about Dnsstuff then you probably already read this, but keep reading here.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.
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