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DNS on 510v3 and a second router

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  • DNS on 510v3 and a second router

    When using my laptop with SecuRemote client with office Outlook for Exchange at home behind the 2 routers, it cant read and write email from the office anymore. Internet works.
    When I use the laptop directly behind router 1, it works.
    I think this is because I did not apply the appropriate DNS settings to my 510??
    It needs to forward them to Router 2 or something like that.
    Or I can hard program the DNS somewhere? it is not clear from teh DNS menu in 510v3 for me where to do this?

    The network is:
    Router 1 (ST510v3 744) on with defserver addr=
    Router 2 (Sbox with NAT, FW) through DHCP on and with
    with FTP forwarding to (public FTP server)
    with WEB forwarding to (public web server)
    Laptop gets via DHCP,
    connects with VPN SecuRemote to corporate servers
    but cannot access IP addresses on the corporate server