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Help needed port forwarding ECI B-Focus 270pr

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  • Help needed port forwarding ECI B-Focus 270pr

    Hi all,

    I can't configure port forwarding in my router.
    File sharing programs don't work, Also I can not host any online games, only connect to existing ones.

    In the guide about portforwarding my router, located here ocus-270pr/Utorrent.htm, they tell me I should use the NAT menu, which doesn't exist on my router setup menus.
    Here is an image of my router setup menus:

    You will notice at the top left of my menus it says ECI, whereas in the top left of the images on this site it says INOVIA.

    I've read several guides and none of them helped me with my problems. Some of these guides had ECI on the top left like I do, still I couldn't get it to work.

    I've checked and I have the latest firmware for my router 20040123. Also tried disabling firewall both in windows and in the router.

    My config:
    Winxp, with broadband ADSL connection.
    Home network with 3 computers connected to the router through a switch, all of which experience the problem I've described.

    Any help will be appreciated.
    Can also provide any additional info that is needed.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Help needed port forwarding ECI B-Focus 270pr

    I looked at you pic and I saw places to configure NAT...

    We don't advocate using p2p programs as they are used mainly for piracy. They are also a security risk and your computer is probably infected right now!

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      Re: Help needed port forwarding ECI B-Focus 270pr

      The places to configure NAT are in the router's firewall section. The firewall is turned off so that shouldn't influence anything, though I've tried fiddling with it to no avail.

      Disregarding p2p programs, my problem prevents me from hosting any online games (such as on and is severely annoying.

      All and any ideas are welcomed.


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        Re: Help needed port forwarding ECI B-Focus 270pr

        The following link has some instructions on Port Forwarding. See if that helps.
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