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Helbreath Server

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  • Helbreath Server

    Yes you might think it doesnt fit here but ill connect it to the subject.

    I still didnt install my wireless modem and before I do I want to check if any of you can run HB server using a router PRO version.

    I cant run it i tried everything i know. If any of you know what helbreath is and willing to try and help me out please tell me here and ill send you the files needed (3.51 files) so you can check with me and find out finally how to run a server behind a router in PRO version.

    I want to test it with someone who is keen in router buisness, knows what he is doing and that i can trust him.

    Thank you very much.

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    I don't know what is this and I don't have this type of modem.
    I have a Samsung (looking like iron).
    But I can try to help you.
    If you interested let me know.
    And give me a link to the what this HB is..
    Memento Mori


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      well this is an original site though i want to run a private server with no payment.

      Tho you dont have the right modem you think you can help me with mine ? alcatel ST PRO version


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        As I understood from the brief check this is some clone of Ultima.
        You do not need much help actually, you can easily do it by yourself.
        1.Install some type of the firewall program on the host where this program will be running.
        2.Install the server itself.
        3.Configure the host as defserver in the modem/router.
        4.Start the service or whatever there is used to run the game server.
        5.Ask from one of your friends to try to connect to it.
        6.Check the firewall logs to which port the connection is made.
        7.Open this port for INBOUND connection.
        8. Test if there any more ports need to be opened.
        9.Write them down (from the firewall logs).
        10. TEST, TEST, TEST.
        11. Remove the defserver setting from the modem/router.
        12. Open the appropriate ports in the modem/router.
        13. Enjoy.

        The Ultima server only uses one port which is TCP inboud.
        I don't think that this specific program will be much different.
        Good Luck.
        Memento Mori


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          I have the ports already :P

          but still it doesnt work i define that the connection of the server should be made to my computer ( but i cant seem to log to myself when i create a client.exe file ...

          hm i think you need to see it in order to understand .

          Do you have MSN/icq ?


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            You can see in my profile that I do have an ICQ.
            Contact me on Sunday and we will see what we can do about it.
            Memento Mori


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              Re: Helbreath Server

              Ok i did what i was told about to folow a search to the topic that i need to find. So here i am. I did a search through Google and used your search. And my Question is this. If anyone knows about the helbreath server or where i can get a 3.51 version of the server files with the bug fixes. I have been looking every where for these files or if anyone can help with editing files i would greatly appreciate this.. I can Get the server up but it has bugs.. And i am looking for a version with bug fixes.. If Anyone can help me with this i would be greatfully thakful..

              You can reach me here or on msn: [email protected] or yahoo: [email protected] This is mainly a mail account but thank you for the time and if someone can help.


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                Re: Helbreath Server

                I suggest you contact someone here, here or here.
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