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Alcatel Sppedtouch and outside Proxy

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  • Alcatel Sppedtouch and outside Proxy

    I have a speedtouch DSL modem in bridge mode. Behind this I have a Linksys router and 2 PC's behind the router. My ISP is 012 in Israel

    I am trying to set a Proxy server in Internet Explorer. (The proxy server is completly outside the network.) When I do this I seem to apear to the world as an IP address somewhere on the 012 netowrk- It is not the IP that my router gets if I disable the proxy and it is not the IP of the proxy server.

    Any ideas?


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    I don't see what the problem.
    Does the proxy you trying to use is located in 012 network?
    Please provide more details.
    What are your trying to accomplish?
    Memento Mori