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broadband management software

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  • broadband management software

    I am the system administrator in a Academic institution there is about 100 pc all is connected therough internet by broadband connection. that connection always online. i am using windos2003 sp1 as a server and windows2000p as a client. and a user student that all the student using to access node they can use any node. I am using 192.168.0.X ip series my router is HUAWEI_MT882 that has the ip and i put its connection on my switch and configure client ip as
    ip address:192.168.02
    Subnet :
    Default gatwaey:
    Dns server :
    to use internet service

    My problem is that i have the download limit of 20GB that is being excedd to 40-50 Gb every month bcoz user downloads movis, gmaes, songs and etc. pl help me how can i over come this problem i am not using any proxy server. It is possibol to use any software with the help i can give the right user to download only 5-10 mb at a time, if download size it exceed the mention download limit it would denied the user to download it. or any other possilolity.
    Parvinder Singh
    (System Administrator)
    Institute of Productivity & Management
    Pallavpuram Meerut

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    Re: broadband management software

    Did you look at the link provided?

    I would also consider this a double post. Please use the Post Reply button under the thread to make replies. Thank You!!
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