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technical explanation bridging

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  • technical explanation bridging

    Hi you all,

    My adsl setup will work when I set my Alcatel 530 modem router in bridging mode and connect it to the WAN port of my linksys wrt54G. I'm just looking for someone who can tehnically explain to me what a bridge does in my setup:

    ALCATEL MODEM/ROUTER----------Linksys router/switch (all-in-one)--------pc1

    Now the modem will just demodulate the signal( make it an ethernet compatible?), and forward the frame to the router based on MAC address.

    The router will have to authenticate himself to the ISP using a username and password and the modem does not have to do that, right?

    Questions so far:

    How does my router obtain the WAN ip address/dns server/gateway?
    What happens with the ethernet frames travelling through the bridge?
    will the ethernet frames reach the bridge when pc1 communicates with pc2?

    All help will be greatly appreciated! I'm very interessted in the subject!

    may thanks,

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