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Question regarding Alcatel router

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  • Question regarding Alcatel router

    i have a little problem and I don’t know what the best way to solved it.

    Im using Alcatel SPEED TOUCH home modems that convert to router(pro), to this router I connect few computers using hub.

    The entire computer is coordinately works in DHCP mode.

    Recently I got laptop that have to be at the same IP adders all the time(must be IP address is and gateways is

    I would like to know if I can connect the laptop to my router and to work from home (and I would like to keep the other computer working).
    how can i make it?

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    Logon to your router web interface at, and in the Initial Setup put the IP address and subnet that your laptop is using. Don't forget to save the settings when you exit the web interface.
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      the sub net is the Gateway?


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        Just to understand you better...
        The permanent IP for the laptop needed for connection from outside?
        Please note that the IP's you using in your network are not private.
        It can lead to unable to access networks that are located at those sites in the Internet.
        In any case the solution is to use hub, and connected both the computers to it and the Router also.
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          I need to work with unique server that supports specific software.


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            Use static addresses at the computers and disable the DHCP server at the Router.
            Then open appropriate ports through NAT.
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              Can u be more specify on how to this.
              What is the inside address and how can I to set the gateways (can u write example).
              I understand that if I will make that, the entire computer that connects to hub couldn't have access to the web, is that right?


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                For example.
                Your Alcatel has an IP of
                You can set the address mask to
                You actually can use but you not gonna to connect 160,000 computers right? So 255 computers is sufficient enough.
                Back to the explanation.
                So your router has IP which is your Default Gateway for your entire home metwork.
                Now, go to this link and read how to create a static NAT to your internal computer.
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                  The laptop is set to IP and gateways is
                  So, how should I write this command?
                  Should it be like this

                  nat create protocol=tcp inside_addr=
                  What about the inside_addr and the port?


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                    Something like this:
                    nat create protocol=tcp outside_addr=

           - is for all connections from outside.
                    The ??? is the port which your application is using.
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