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Network bandwidth Monitering

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  • Network bandwidth Monitering

    Hello all im in need of a little bit of advice and/or help.

    Background on my network,

    800 users over a campus network in... lets just say "somewhere hot and unpleasent" the users are connected via a wired and wireless system connected to a satalite system for our internet access.

    Routeing is done via a set of internal and external routers.

    I need to know what app I can use to find out who is useing the most bandwidth over our Wan connection. If i can track this info by ip that would be great. i have thought about packet sniffers and the like but would like an app thats a bit easier to use.


    SPAMFILTER piratemike at hotmail dot com put it all together and help me out please.

    sorry for the spelling and whatnot its been an 18 hour day to try to fix what i have seemed to step in. thanks again