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Revive a B-Focus 270??

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  • Revive a B-Focus 270??

    I have a nice paper weight of the B-Focus 270. I tried a firmware upgrade and it stopped showing any activity and after 5 minutes I reset the device but now I just have a paper weight it won't respond to a ping etc.

    Is there anyway to bring it back to life like the Alcatel modem? Or is it just a plain out paper weight now?

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    Did you tried this one:
    Plug in the electricity, wait a minute until it "boots" then try to press the RESET button for 4 seconds.
    Connect the network cable and try to ping it.
    Memento Mori


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      use your warrenty/support

      call your retailer and replace the modem, tell them it suddenly stopped working, no ping.. :P
      the flash memory on the 270 is very sensitive, most likely you didn't to erase all , save and reboot after you did the upgrade. maybe the most important phase in the firmware upgrade