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Problem with printing wireless

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  • Problem with printing wireless

    I have an Access Point ZTel G3000 and a printer MP800R from Canon
    My pc recognizes the AP because I manually set a IP adress for it and when pinging that adress i put it gaves me a positive answer.
    Still I don't know why the printer is not detected by the Access Point !
    How can I set manually the IP adress of the printer beside letting the AP chossing one and what is with the IP adress that I receive when printing the Network report?
    Thank you!


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    Re: Problem with printing wireless

    How is the printer connected to the AP -- is it wireless or LAN (in which case you will need to give the printer an IP address using the printers control panel) or is it by parallel / usb cable, in which case the printer will have the same IP as the AP

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      Re: Problem with printing wireless

      Sory for the misunderstanding
      I will make myself clear:the AP is connected with a net cable by the pc (in the Net card )and between the AP and the Printer I have a wireless connection.


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        Re: Problem with printing wireless

        Make sure your PC is going via wireless lan not over ethernet lan. Disable ethernet lan adapter if it's enabled and connected. Refer only wireless LAN .
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          Re: Problem with printing wireless

          It might also be worth installing Netstumbler to see if you have any conflicting AP channels.
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            Re: Problem with printing wireless

            If i disable my adapter(Netcard) how can the PC recognize the AP if he is pluged in the same net card that i disabled???
            And about the ethernet I will delete all the lan connections and create only a wireless connection with the Connection wizzard if that is what you are trying to say
            About the conflict with other channels,my machine it is the only Wireless that i am trying to run and the channel is different from the router channel
            I tried the prog anyway and no conflicts were found