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  • Access from outside

    Hello All,

    I am new here and in the ASA world.

    I have a small issue with allowing access to my webserver from the Internet.

    Internet -------- Router COLT ---------- ASA ---------- MyLan

    I have created an access-list :
    access-list acl-out extended permit tcp any object WebServer eq www

    I have created a NAT rule :
    nat (LANColt,DMZCarax) source static any any destination static WebServer WebServer

    The website is reachable when I plugged between the Route Colt and the ASA but not when I try from the Internet ...

    Do you have any idea ???


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    Re: Access from outside

    Sounds like the 'Router COLT' isn't allowing the internet traffic thru to the ASA. Is that piece a needed part of your config? And can you administer it? If you have no control, speak to whoever does.

    The ASA can certainly handle all your internet forwarding on it's own, so you may even be able to do without the COLT device.
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