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  • Looking for guidance

    I want to be sure I am posting in the right spot. I am looking for recommendations on the proper device purchase. Would this be the proper spot to post that type question? I had someone suggest ASA5500 but he wasn't really sure.

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    Re: Looking for guidance

    Post your question.
    If it isn't the best Forum for you question then the Forum Moderator can move it to the appropriate Forum. (Sometimes it can be a bit difficult deciding on the most correct Forum to post your question especially if it covers several different areas)
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      Re: Looking for guidance

      My network consists of 15 computers, 8 networked printers on switch 1, 16 VOIP phones on switch 2, and 4 IP cameras on switch3. I have 5 public IP's (3 in use). Each switch plugs into a port on a TZ-210. The TZ-210 does DHCP for each port assigning P1 192.168.1.*' P2 192.168.2.* and so on. The public IP's are routed to each port.

      My ISP gives me 150 Mbps down 65Mbps up. The trouble is, the TZ-210 will not handle the speed. The best I get out of it is about 40Mbps so I need to replace it with something that will. The bigger problem is the device the mfg. recommends is around $4500. and just way out of reach for us.

      Additional needs are VPN ability for 2-3 users, content filtering, the ability to allot and prioritize bandwidth per port. The TZ-210 also does gateway antivirus, intrusion prevention etc.

      So bottom line, I am searching for a device so I can utilize the full bandwidth available to me and maintain the same abilities. This is NOT my area of expertise! Anyone with any suggestions I would really appreciate it. Someone suggested the ASA5500 and I called Cisco and was told a rep would get back to me in 5-7 days.


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        Re: Looking for guidance

        Watchguard make some good UTM Firewall products.

        Lots of people love Smoothwall, Barracuda and Sophos UTM, the sonicwall stuff isn't bad either.
        Depends on budget and which offers the most features which you will benefit from.
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