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Please Help Port Mapping Cisco 5500 ASA

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  • Please Help Port Mapping Cisco 5500 ASA

    Hello, I have a Cisco 5500 ASA ver 8.2.(1) and am using ASDM ver 6.4.(7)

    We just had an alarm (keyfob) system put in and they need a port (3001) opened up. I am not familiar enough with security to do this however I am the only one who can (new position).

    From my understanding I have to create an access rule and then a nat rule. I have done this and yet they still cannot see that port as open.

    I know there are a million things that I can be doing wrong but any help on this would be appreciated.

    I created an object called Alarm, gave it an internal IP. I created another object called Alarm co. and gave it the alarm companies ip (the ip that would be hitting our firewall).

    I then created an acess rule which I think allows traffic to the alarm. The part I'm getting confused on is the nat piece. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    Re: Please Help Port Mapping Cisco 5500 ASA

    You need a static translation to your internal ip. Post your sanitized config and I can take a look.
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