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    I am keen to learn the Cisco firewall range and have already been on an instructors courses for CCNA so basic commands should come with ease.

    My question is, I don't want to spend to much money on a used firewall to test with and have seen two models.

    I understand the ASA is the latest range however how much do the two models below vary? (based on price I can save 50 - 80 going for the 501)

    - Cisco ASA 5505
    - PIX-501-BUN-K9

    Can anybody shed any light on these?


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    Re: Learning

    The pix can't run new version of code. I think the latest the pix can run is 8.0. The ASA 5505 with the right amount of memory and flash can run 8.4 etc. You are better off with the 5505 that can run 8.4. There are still alot of pix's out there though. The major differences from 7.0 to 8.2 is the way nat is configured and processed. Anything 8.3 and above uses the new syntax. Another alternative is to use GNS3 to emulate the ASA. I have GNS3 running 8.4 code and it works really well. GNS3 is an emulator so it runs real code. You can google GNS3 ASA etc.
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