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Cisco NewB with a console cable & ASA-5505 need serious help! :)

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  • Cisco NewB with a console cable & ASA-5505 need serious help! :)


    So I'm not daft here, but I'm not a "cisco guy". I've been hired on by a small business to help them out a bit.

    They have a pretty particular network setup that involves a Cisco ASA-5505 acting as a router that establishes an IPSec/L2L VPN tunnel to a data center. From what I can see using "show running-config" the VPN tunnel is using a pre-shared key and "DefaultRAGroup". I have the pre-shared key from running "show running-config as admin" it looks something like: "prey-shared-key &*gh34836j7372j73" & I know the hostname of the ASA-5505...

    My issue is this, my boss has asked me to get his home desktop windows 8 computer connected to the same VPN that the cisco ASA-5505 router connects to at work(this allows them to access an internal terminal services server and connect to their RDP resources) so that he can access the same internal resources from his home. I have a cisco console cable I soldered up & the console password for full admin access. I've logged in and run every "show ___" command that exists in IOS to try and figure out how this VPN link is setup, and still can't figure out how to get windows 8 to connect to the VPN.

    If I add a VPN connection in windows 8, set it to IPSec L2TP, click advanced & put in the pre-shared key, and click "allow these protocols & select all three options one at a time or all 3 at the same time: PAP, CHAP, CHAPv2 -- each time I am asked for a username and password and I can't for the life of me understand what I am supposed to enter for the username and password?

    I did not see anything about a username or password anywhere in the cisco ASA-5505 issuing every "show ?" command that exists.

    Please, Please help! You will be saving so much trouble I can't even begin to express just how much!

    Thank You so very much ahead of time for ANY help no matter how small, I have been trying to figure this out for over 3 weeks now.


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    Re: Cisco NewB with a console cable & ASA-5505 need serious help!

    I don't know jack about VPNs, but is it by any chance connected to a RADIUS server and wants his domain login?
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      Re: Cisco NewB with a console cable & ASA-5505 need serious help!

      I never use the windows vpn client with any cisco devices. Always use the cisco vpn client (unity client) or since its an ASA it may be easier to setup the SSL VPN with the AnyConnect client. You should have 2 licenses for anyconnect. If you dont see any usernames in the config ( I highly doubt as you want at least 1 local account just in case radius or tacacs fails, then I assume they are using radius or tacac's for authentication/authorization

      Check the running config for

      aaa authentication
      CCNA, CCNA-Security, CCNP
      CCIE Security (In Progress)