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NAT in Cisco ASA Version 8.4.1

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  • NAT in Cisco ASA Version 8.4.1

    I need some help on creating a NAT on Cisco ASA Firewall version 8.4.1.
    1) I have a Vendor connecting to my Servers via P2P link. But the problem is the IP subnet of the servers which i am using on my end; the same subnet is also being used by the Vendor on their end. So i have come out with a plan that i will nat my servers with a range of ip address which the vendor is not using on their end.
    2) But i am not sure how to write the same in 8.4.1 version of ASA.

    Vendor IP address :- 10.67.1.x/24
    MY Server IP address :-
    MY Server NAT IP address :-

    So my server lies on the inside interface of the ASA; where as the Vendor will be coming from the outside interface of the ASA.

    Can any one please help me in writting the config for the same.

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    Re: NAT in Cisco ASA Version 8.4.1

    With 8.4 you can do auto-nat (object nat) or manual nat. For this example we will use auto nat.

    object network SERVER_PRIVATE
    nat (inside,outside) static SERVER_NAT

    object network SERVER_NAT

    Make sure you inbound ACL on the outside interface also allows the "real ip address" of the server (With 8.3 and above you use the real address)
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