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Cisco SSL VPN with rdp to other site

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  • Cisco SSL VPN with rdp to other site

    I have two locations with on both sides a Cisco ASA with a ipsec tunnel
    Now we created a SSL VPN Login Page with bookmarks to our terminal servers.
    On Location A where the asa has an SSL Portal we can connect to this server with remotedesktop over the SSL Connection.
    We also want in the same portal connect to the other terminal sever witch is behind the second asa but we don't get any connection.
    Between the asa's is an ipsec tunnel and internal is this working fine.
    What we want:
    RDP with the ssl vpn portal to the server

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    Re: Cisco SSL VPN with rdp to other site

    So your trying to reach the server behind the second ASA with the private ip on the first ASA through the SSL portal page? Don't think you could use the private ip address. You would have to use the public ip address off the second ASA and then on the second ASA create a PAT to the second server. Another option would be to just create a second SSL Portal on the second ASA and connect directly too it instead of trying to piggy back off the first ASA.
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