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  • ASA5510 AnyConnect VPN


    I have got configured AnyConnect VPN on my Cisco ASA 5510.

    there are INETRNET interface, with public IP, LAN interface with

    I have configured IP pools ( - and ( each for its own Group Policy.

    One Group policy is used for clients who need to browse through Cisco. So there is split Tunneling.

    I have problem that client client got IP adress from right pool but there is Gatewaz Where I can onfigure gataway? I need to get

    Thank you.


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    Re: ASA5510 AnyConnect VPN

    With split tunneling enabled you wont receive a default gateway on the anyconnect client. Reason being your internet traffic will not be routed down the tunnel and will be routed locally and will use the default gateway of your local lan. With no split tunneling your DG address should be the first address in the pool configured on the ASA. Make sure you dont have overlapping subnet's between the clients and the end of the tunnel. Thats why even Cisco does not recommend to overlapping subnets across the tunnel, be it a site to site or VPN clients. In case of latter, pool is not recommended to be a part of same subnet as the internal LAN behind the VPN terminating device. Sounds to me that there is no split tunneling hence why you are receiving the GW address which is the first ip address in the ip pool on the ASA.
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