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not able to SIP through ASA client VPN

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  • not able to SIP through ASA client VPN


    I have configured VPN client on my ASA 5510,

    I am trying now to telnet my call manager on port 5060 and on port 2000.

    When i am connected localy i am able to telnet both ports, but when i am trying to connect through cisco VPN client i am able to telnet the port 2000 and not able to telnet 5060. Both ports are on the same call manager.

    When using windows VPN i am able to telnet both ports.

    Can somone please advise if there's a special configuration for SIP on my ASA.

    Please note that i have same issue even if i removed inspect SIP from:
    policy-map global_policy
    class inspection_default


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    Re: not able to SIP through ASA client VPN

    What IOS version are you running?

    When you say connect locally is the call manager local to you or is in another location?

    Is the ASA a remote vpn client?

    May help to post a config.

    Why are you trying to telnet to CCM? Does the web interface work? What version of CCM?
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