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Cisco 2620, PIX 515E

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  • Cisco 2620, PIX 515E


    I am new to cisco (Not certified yet) but work for a company where they need me to setup a VPN for new locations.

    We have 2620 routers and PIX 515E. Can the 2620 routers be VPN configured without the 515E or do we need to have the 2620 and PIX515E to configure VPN.

    Also, can the PIX515E be mixed and matched with the new ASA routers or do we all need to have it as all ASA or all PIX515E to be VPN functional. We do not want any mix and match where VPN drops..


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    Re: Cisco 2620, PIX 515E

    Hi fashion, You can run vpn configurations on a 2620 IF the IOS image installed has cryptographic functionality. Personally, if your PIX is front of your 2620 just terminate your vpn on the PIX. If you are going to host the vpn behind the firewall with the 2620 you will need to make sure that you have the correct udp/tcp ports and protocol numbers open on the PIX to pass vpn traffic back to the router. Ryan