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Cisco 877 and VPN peers ping

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  • Cisco 877 and VPN peers ping

    Hey Guys i'm having a little problem with my home vpn Network.

    I got an 877 adsl2+ router that act as vpn server so i can reach my entire home network from outside.
    So ... configuration is almost done. I can reach my internal network and thank to split tunnel I can also access internet through my vpn connection.

    Internal network is and vpn network is
    The problem is: vpn peers connected on my cisco 877 reach and is able to ping my internal network but vpn's clients are not able to ping themselves.

    Probably the problem is that vpn server (cisco 877) have no interface on so it does't know how to route packet destined to but how can I solve this problem? How can I bring up an interface, maybe tunnel interface, and hook it on
    Another really strange fact is that once I'm connected to my vpn server I'm not able to ping locally my tunnel ip address that is 192.168.10.x. Is it really strange?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Cisco 877 and VPN peers ping

    access control list more than routing.

    If you're on the subnet and you cannot ping your own 192.168.10.X addres on that subnet, from yourself, this is nothing to do with routing

    purely because, you aren't routing. If anything, it should actually just use loopback, and not traverse the network at all

    what gateway is being issued to your VPN client ?
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      Re: Cisco 877 and VPN peers ping

      I'm home right now and i'm testing my vpn through iphone connection.

      Destination ----- Gateway ----- Netif Expire
      default ----- ----- en1
      127 ----- ----- lo0 ----- ----- lo0
      172.20.10/28 ----- link#6 ----- en1 ----- 7e:c5:37:21:ec:7e ----- en1 1144 ----- ----- lo0 ----- ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff ----- en1

      this is my local routing table (my mac connected through iphone)

      now connecting my mac to my homeVPN (always using iphone connection) the routing table change in this way

      Destination ----- Gateway ----- Netif Expire
      default ----- utun0 ----- utun0
      default ----- ----- en1 ----- utun0 ----- utun0 ----- utun0 ----- utun0 ----- utun0 ----- utun0 ----- utun0 ----- utun0 3591 ----- utun0 ----- utun0 ----- ----- en1 ----- utun0 ----- utun0 3590
      127 ----- ----- lo0 ----- ----- lo0
      172.20.10/28 ----- link#6 ----- en1 ----- 7e:c5:37:21:ec:7e ----- en1 1153 ----- ----- lo0 ----- ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff ----- en1

      so as you told me I have no loopback interface on 192.168.10.x (the ip address of utun0 interface)

      on the cisco side as well ... there are no interfaces with 192.168.10.x address.

      I know that vpn seems to work very well cause internet and my home local network are either reachable but my primary goal is to intercommunicate with other vpn's peers.

      Any suggest to solve this problem?

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