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Can't see other PCs on VPN

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  • Can't see other PCs on VPN


    I'm trying to setup a test VPN.
    I have a laptop attached directly to a 2Wire 2701HGV-W at one end and a Linksys RV042 (with a bridged modem) at the other end.

    Using QuickVPN I can make a connection to the Linksys and ping it ( but can't ping any of the other PCs on the network ( even with them added in the LMHOSTS file.

    I don't have a DNS or WINS server at either end.

    I'm new to networking so it may just be something simple I'm not aware of.

    The settings on the Linksys VPN server are as follows:

    Block WAN Request - Disabled
    Remote Management - Enabled
    HTTPS - Enabled

    Client to Gateway
    Local Security Gateway Type - IP Only
    Local Security Group Type - Subnet
    IP Address -
    Subnet Mask -

    Remote Client - IP Only

    IPSec Setup
    Keying Mode - IKE with Preshared key
    Phase1 DH Group - Group1
    Phase1 Encryption - 3DES
    Phase1 Authentication - SHA1
    Perfect Forward Secrecy - Enabled
    Phase2 DH Group - Group1
    Phase2 Encryption - DES
    Phase2 Authentication - SHA1

    VPN Client Access
    User Name - Test

    IPSec Pass Through - Enabled
    PPTP Pass Through - Enabled
    L2TP Pass Through - Disabled

    PPTP Server - Enabled - 204
    User Name - Test

    DHCP Enabled

    The settings on the 2Wire are as follows:


    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Can't see other PCs on VPN

    I tried connecting by Remote Desktop and it worked. I disabled the Windows Firewall (Win 7) and was able to see the PC in Network and all the shared folders. Now working out what specifically needs to be opened in the firewall to allow it all the time.


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      Re: Can't see other PCs on VPN

      Opening the UDP ports 137, 138, and the TCP port 139 allowed me to browse my remote PC with the (Win 7) firewall up.