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Pix 501 config

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  • Pix 501 config

    Hello. I am fairly new to configuring a Cisco Pix. I have a RVS4000 at the main site. That functions as a main site for all vpn connections. I already have another RVS4000 at a remote site connected back to main. I also have a few clients connected to main site via Quick VPN. I have a PIX 501 at my house that I'd like to use to connect my home network to the main site. I have tried a few configs from various websites (editing what other people used and tailored to my own) and had zero success. First thing, my internet connection (Cox Cable) is a dynamic ip address. Is that going to be a problem? Also, can anyone guide me through configuring my PIX to connect to main site? I don't need anything crazy. Pretty much wide open door as far as firewall control. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Pix 501 config

    The following link should help get you going. It has numerous examples of creating different vpn configurations using pix firewalls.

    Since your IP address changes, you may need to use dns hostnames for the peers.