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Easy VPN Server Using SDM With Dynamic IP

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  • Easy VPN Server Using SDM With Dynamic IP

    Dear Friends,

    I have Cisco 1841 router. I want to create a easy VPN server using dynamic IP. our company not in a position to buy static IP form ISP.

    You know that ISP provider dynamic ip is changing so can i use a name instead of IP

    Please let me know your best answers

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    Re: Easy VPN Server Using SDM With Dynamic IP

    Yes, this can be done.
    I do this with my current network.
    Besides setting up EasyVPN Server as normal and using a hostname in the client, you will need the following additions.

    1. Subscribe to a Dynamic DNS Service. Such as or (there are a number of them available). This service will resolve your hostname to your public dynamic IP address.

    2. Next you will need a means to update the DDNS service with your current public IP address as it changes. This can be done by installing an Update Client on a 24/7 machine on you local network. This client will detect changes in your public IP address and then update the DDNS service IP address that is associated with your hostname.


    You can configure your Cisco router to perform the updates to the DDNS service.

    I have configured my c1811 to do the updates to my DynDNS account.

    It works very well.



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      Re: Easy VPN Server Using SDM With Dynamic IP

      Thanks for the solution, but i have never done this, can u explain steps using SDM software


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        Re: Easy VPN Server Using SDM With Dynamic IP

        Sorry, I am not familar with SDM, I use the CLI exclusively.

        But here are some links to helpful Cisco documentaion for setting up an Easy VPN Server using SDM.

        A little research on the Cisco website will uncover a mountain of useful information. That is how I learned to configure my 851w and 1811.