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ASA 5510 problems-booting old image?

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  • ASA 5510 problems-booting old image?

    We have ASA 5510 running 8.2(2) image on asdm-631. When we upgraded from ver 7 to 8.3 we used command ASA5510# rename asa706-k8.bin asa706-k8.old. After upgrade to 8.3 version and asdm-6.3 we didn't accomplished to ping outside interface, make vpn to work, although we permitted everything. So we decided to downgrade to 8.2(2) version with same asdm-6.3 and after few modifications (vpn,NAT,access lists) everything worked fine.
    But just one day .
    The problem is that ASA booted old 706-k8.bin version and asdm-5.0. The whole room is on UPS and I don't think it's a power failure?
    Cant it reboot by it self for some reason?
    We used command boot system disk0:/asa8.2−k8.bin , asdm image disk0:/asdm−6.3.bin and wr to write to memory.
    And the same problem after rebooting happend when there was 8.3 version. After power failure maybe or just by it self ASA booted old images?
    What will happen if we erase all images and asdm and leave just 8.2 and 6.3 version.
    I don't know what to do?Any suggestions?