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Cisco 876w VPN setup

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  • Cisco 876w VPN setup

    Hi Guys,

    Forgive me if this sounds like a very basic question but im struggling to understand the configuration for a VPN on a Cisco 876w router.

    We have a small office and wish to install a VPN for people to be able to login and access email (exchange server, in the office) and shared drives. I have looked through various set up guides on how to configure the VPN but this is where im not understanding how it authenticates users...

    If a user wants to connect, how does the VPN authenticate them in active directory? I cant seem to find anywhere where you tell the router what IP address your mail server/file server(with active directory) is? I dont understand how it can give the permissions to users without this info?

    Thanks in advance for your help, sorry for such a basic question!

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    Re: Cisco 876w VPN setup

    Here is an example:
    Just need to adjust it for Windows Radius.
    CCNA, Network+