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WebVPN problem ASA5550

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  • WebVPN problem ASA5550

    I am hoping someone can help me with this issue.

    I have the following setup. ASA5550 with WebVPN enabled on the interface that is connected to a BSD box running PF (office firewall). The PF box and the ASA both have their own connections to the internet. I have no issue connecting to the WebVPN from behind the PF box when initiating connection from the office. However when connecting from the outside thru the PF box I get nowhere. I am confident that my redirect rule is setup correctly on the PF box whn trying to connect from the outside.

    I've checked the configs multiple times and don't see where the issue lies. As far as I can tell, the ASA should not care whether the vpn request comes from outside or offices, since either way it receives it on the same interface.

    Any help would be appreciated.