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Kind Souls, Please HELP! Packet Tracer Help Neeeded!

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  • Kind Souls, Please HELP! Packet Tracer Help Neeeded!

    I'm currently studying networking on my own and I need some help so badly!
    I need to do the connections in Packet Tracer and then transfer it to a real life router but I'm totally not sure how to do it in Packet Tracer (The firewall part can be ignored cause Packet Tracer do not support it)

    The question is:
    1. OneWest has a branch office in Kuala Lumpur (KL). They are connected via a private MPLS network. For added security, HQ and KL routers are supposed to run IPSec ESP in tunnel mode.
    2. Internet users should not be able to access the HQ or KL routers.
    It's driving me nuts, this assignment. Can I discuss this with a kind soul who is willing to lend me his/her guidance?

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    Re: Kind Souls, Please HELP! Packet Tracer Help Neeeded!

    In order for us to help you, you need to let us know what you've already done. We'll need configs too in order to see what's been done and what else might need to be done. Finally, posting a large diagram with large open ended questions isn't going to allow anyone to help you. Your questions don't even really seem like questions but rather statements. For example, you state that the routers in HQ and KL should run IPSec ESP in tunnel mode. What part of that is not clear to you? What configurations have you done towards that end? Internet users shouldn't be able to access HQ or KL routers? Shouldn't be able to access the router itself from the perspective of management (telnet,SSH)? Given that the HQ connects directly to the internet, making the statement that internet users should not be able to access the routers doesn't make sense. What does make sense is that only limited access to those routers should be provided. If you want to block all access to those routers, it's just an access control list that is necessary, applied to the outside interface in the inward direction. I don't want to discourage you, but it seems as though you're trying to do this from a theoretical perspective rather than having all of the necessary equipment in a lab scenario. In addition, this is WAY over kill and you're getting lost in all of the technologies. MPLS all by itself is a huge undertaking, as is IPSec. Do you have a firm grasp of these such that integrating a network of this size is feasible?

    Scott Pickles
    Systems Engineer
    VPN Systems, Inc.
    www. vpnsystems. com