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Can i use hostname in ACL

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  • Can i use hostname in ACL

    HI to all,
    I need to make a route-map for transferring the traffic to a another ISP which will be diverting some websites traffic which are so used in my network e.g. ..Now when i am using the ACL then i can only give one IP of the URl of my question is that can i use hostname in the ACL so that in case is using different IPs but all the dynamic IPs must follow this ACL and route-map so that i can transefer the traffic.

    help is appriciated.
    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Can i use hostname in ACL

    Something to consider:

    The router won't cache the hostname/ip lookup. So, every time it tries to trigger that route-map, it's going to do a dns lookup.
    even if it was trigged 5ms ago, it'll do it again...

    you might be better using ip blocks instead:
    at least that's my take.
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