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Simple PIX 501 setup denying L2PT

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  • Simple PIX 501 setup denying L2PT

    I can't figure this out!

    My setup is very simple, small home network with 3 computers behind a PIX 501 with the most basic setup. No ACL's, no DHCPD. I reset to Factory defaults, then cleared the DHCPD, changed the NAT to inside interface.

    Everything is working properly except for 1 thing. Several place I volunteer for use the Microsoft VPN to W2K VPN. I can't get this setup to connect when the PIX is in place, taking it out it connects with any problem. Researching this, I added "fixup protocol esp-ike" and thought that might fix it but it didn't. I attempted to add the ACL's like some websites suggested but never got them working so I removed them.

    I'm missing something simple and can't figure it out.

    Any help is appreciated!