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AIP-SSM-10 or SSC-5

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  • AIP-SSM-10 or SSC-5

    need advice with choosing right device.
    Presently Netscreen-25.
    Small office: 5 onsite users 5 mobile users max.
    First thing they need SSL VPN. Then come the idea of improving firewall and implementing IDP system.
    I read enough about features of Cisco ASA 5500 and narrowed down to 5505 or 5510 would be OK for this office.
    I checked part numbers for additions (licenses and module). 5510 is more feature and options reach but the cost becomes really high.
    After compared both, I feel that 5505 will do a great job for reasonable price including all additions and SmartNet.
    The only thing that I concern about are missing features in SSC-5 module:

    Cisco AIP SSC-5 does not support Cisco Global Correlation, Cisco Anomaly Detection, sensor virtualization, or custom signatures

    I need an advice for scenario above about SSC-5 cut down features.
    1. If no Gloabal Correlation, how SSC-5 will get updates?
    2. Cisco Anomaly?
    Would SSC-5 be efficient and sufficient.
    For my understanding Cisco didn't do SSC-5 for nothing and this module is not a free gift. So I believe it should be OK for small office with fewer users that not playing games at work.
    Or may be just to skip IPS module and look for some software alternative or managed service.
    Also, can I use ASA-5505 only as SSL-VPN box without firewalling features.

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