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Asa 5510 smtp

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  • Asa 5510 smtp

    I have an ASA 5510, an Exchange 2007 server, and a separate email encryption server that encrypts certain emails.

    All of our emails come into the domain thru one external IP address. Before we added the encryption server, all email went out the same IP address. But now all emails go from the exchange server to the encryption server and then out to the internet for delivery. The gateway on the encryption server is the internal gateway and the emails are sent out thru other external IP addresses we use.

    I need to know if the ASA can be set to send ALL SMTP traffic out the same IP address, no matter what server is sending it out? Is there a way to limit SMTP traffic going out from only certain static IP addresses?

    In other words, I want SMTP traffic going out from only two servers and the same external IP address.

    Encyrption server
    External Email IP 156.108.1xy.10
    Other external IPs 156.108.1xy.11 - 15