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Howto configure cisco router for faculty

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  • Howto configure cisco router for faculty

    I am working in one litle faculty, and have some troubles in our practic testing enviroment.
    Also, we have 20 3660, with modules for FR, VoIP, ATM, etc.
    The problem is, after a testing houres, some "smart" stundents configure (offical ) mistakently the Console interface.
    After the end of his practice i reconfigure the Cisco's with an RS-232 I/O card, that have 32 RS-232 interfaces, and i just deliver the base config.
    My problem is that after the changes of console on cisco (password and so) i can't deliver the base config. Until now, have i done this job manualy, but i wish to prevent the students to take a config of console interface.
    I need that a students can do anything on router, configure all, but exclude of console.
    How to do this?

    Sorry for my bad english.