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  • PIX to exchange server ACL

    Hi, I'm not sure if I should post this here or in the exchange section but anyway, we are working on a project for a class that requires us to set up a fully functional email server. The school IT department has set each group in the class up with child domains off of the for us to use. After we had our exchange server working internally we started with the external portions, I simply added as a send connector to exchange and everything seemed to take off, untill we relized that it only worked for our school accounts. If we try to email a gmail or any other account no luck, also if you try to respond to our emails it fails. That's when we remeber to add a MX record to our DNS server, so we added an MX record for (our mail server) but it made no changes. We are pretty sure the pix is our problem, we relized we had not set up a way for traffic coming into our domain to know where to send SMTP traffic, I think we have what we need to add but I was hoping some one could just let us know if it needs to be tweaked so we could just get things up and going when we get to the lab. Also if you have any other ideas on problems with our setup please let me know.

    access-list smtp permit tcp host host eq smtp

    and then apply the smtp acl to the outside interface.

    nat (outside) 0 access-list smtp

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    Re: PIX to exchange server ACL

    You will need to make a static mapping along with your acl.

    static (inside,outside) X.X.X.X netmask 0

    static (inside,outside) tcp X.X.X.X 25 25 netmask 0
    You may also need to disable the "fixup protocol smtp 25".
    CCNA, Network+