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Cisco ASA 5540 - NAT inside to inside

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  • Cisco ASA 5540 - NAT inside to inside

    I'm configuring a Cisco ASA 5540 for my datacenter. We have a class C on he outside of the ASA and we have a private 10.x.x.x class C on the inside. We have a rule that allows all servers on the inside to get out to the net. We have a few NAT rules that allow outside access to specific inside servers on specific ports.

    The one problem I'm having is on our old Linux firewall, we had a number of rules that said if you are coming from a server behind the firewall, and trying to get to our public IP for our website, to NAT back into the network and appear as the firewall address.

    So, hears an example setup. is our Cisco Router (default gateway to internet) is our Cisco ASA 5540 is our public IP address on the ASA that's being NAT'd to Server1 is the inside of our Cisco ASA5540 (default route of internal hosts) is Server1 is Server2

    When Server2 tries to go to ( the traffic goes to the firewall, then dies. I need it to forward the request to Server1 to answer, then send the request back. Does anyone have an example of this working on a Cisco ASA?